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PLANET tuoteuutinen: NVR-915

Helppokäyttöinen 9-kanavainen IP-kameratallennin

Julkaistu: 03.10.2014

Efficient SMB Surveillance Solution
PLANET NVR-915 is a 9-channel Linux embedded network video recorder (NVR) for restaurants, retail stores, stockrooms and more. The NVR-915 supports IP cameras with up to 5 megapixels and H.264 video codec for high-quality real-time monitoring, recording and playback. It also supports high-resolution video quality on any HD monitor. With two internal SATA III hard disks and e-SATA interface, it provides you with more storage capacity and keeps video files in the NVR for a long period of time. Once the NVR-915, armed with a complete surveillance equipment, detects any suspicious events, you will be alerted with alarm via email; FTP, HTTP and TCP servers; and more. The NVR-915 is thus able to further enhance security within the premises to protect your property. Moreover, it is fully compatible with mobile app and Internet Explorer on Windows operating system for multi-platform remote access.

The Central Management System (CMS) of the NVR-915 can manage up to 256 channels. With low bitrate transmission and unlimited group management, the CMS is able to view a maximum of 64 channels on one page and you may switch between groups to see up to 256 channels of live view or a maximum of 16 channels of playback on one page.

Supports VGA / HDMI dual local display
Video resolution up to 5 megapixels (2560 x 1920)
Supports throughput up to 48Mbps
Scheduled recording of 9 IP cameras simultaneously
ONVIF compliant for interoperability
Supports mobile phone remote view