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PLANET tuoteuutinen: LRP-101C-KIT

PoE over Coax kitti turvakameroille

Julkaistu: 10.08.2015

Convenient PoE over Coaxial Extender in Harsh Environment
The LRP-101C-KIT, a PLANET Long Reach PoE solution, is a Single-port PoE over Coaxial Extender Kit featuring long range data and power transmission for distance up to 1000m (3280ft) over coaxial cable, and another 100m over Ethernet cable to remote PoE IP camera, PoE wireless AP or access control systems complied with 802.3af/at PoE.

The kit provides point to point application for easy plug-n-play operation and deployment in climatically demanding environments with wide temperature range from -20 to 70 degrees C. Without the problem of power source, it makes the installation of remote PoE powered devices easier and more efficiently.

IP Ethernet and Power over Existing Coaxial Cable
It eliminates the need for additional remote site power while allowing a single power source to provide power to both LRP extenders and the PoE IP camera at long range with stable, high-quality video transmission.

Quick upgrade from analog CCTV to IP surveillance
The existing infrastructure is used; re-cabling is not needed
IP data + power over coaxial up to 1km; IP data over coaxial up to 1.6km
Maximum 802.3af/at PoE output up to 30 watts for IP camera
-20 ~ 70 degrees C wide operating temperature
Configure free, Plug and Play