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PLANET tuoteuutinen: CV7-LP

Rekisterikilpien tunnustusratkaisut

Julkaistu: 28.07.2015

PLANET CV7-LP series (CV7-LP2 / CV7-LP4) is a video analytics software designed to detect and recognize vehicle license plates. This software is able to automatically locate and read license plates appearing in a certain area, and match this data against the database. It provides efficiency in parking and traffic control, as well as law enforcement.

With the CV7-LP, you can easily cross-check if a vehicle that is passing through the parking gate or parked in the designated space matches its parking permit. Moreover, law enforcement officers can effortlessly identify suspicious vehicles by matching the license plate with its database.

Video Analysis
The CV7-LP provides analysis for live and pre-recorded videos. It is able to analyze live videos from cameras and the CV7L NVR directly or recorded raw files. In addition, it can also analyze playback videos from the CV7L NVR.
To browse the results, users can use the Search Analysis Result function of the CV7-LP. Users are also able to use the options presented in the Analysis Result Filter area to filter by time period and plate number.

Concurrent analysis of up to 2 / 4 channels
One region of interest per channel
Searching and filtering based on time and plate number
Convenient plate numbering searching
Analysis for live and pre-recorded videos